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Basement Builder – We Only Use the Highest Quality Fittings and Materials

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Basement Builder – We have In-House Architects and Qualified Structural Engineers

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Here at Basement Builder, we are an approachable, friendly team and as general manager, I take personal pride in ensuring that we serve you to the highest standard for the duration of your project. I am personally available to discuss your project in our offices where we can discuss your project in depth. Of course, you can email or call myself, or one of the team at any time too. We look forward to meeting you and I’ve been told I make a great cup of coffee. So contact us now to kickstart your project.

ANDY WALKER, General Manager



We always have different types of basement construction projects being undertaken at the same time, including retrofit basements, basement excavations, basement digouts, basement extensions, basement underpinning, and basement conversions.


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Why We Are Different

Well that is easy: We are Engineer-led. This means that every Basement Builder project is overseen by a qualified structural engineer from the very first design chats, to the last wipe-down from the clean up team. This offers various benefits not least of which is a reduction in cost.

We don’t have to outsource any stages of the projects we undertake as everything is done in-house. Architects, Structural Engineers, Surveyors, Legal Advice and even our very own Subject Matter Expert team for radio and TV interviews – all operate from our Head Office.

A further benefit from having everything in-house is speed – it is a lot easier to call across an office to get results, than have to wait on hold for answers.


Useful Information

The Importance Of A Good Basement Design

The Importance Of A Good Basement Design

The Importance of a Good Basement Design. It would have been odd to hear the words “basement design” before now, but not anymore. This is due to the new trends in home design that allows homeowners to utilize their basement space with the right basement...

Benefits Of A Basement Conversion

Benefits Of A Basement Conversion

Most people wonder about the benefits of a basement conversion and if it is really worth it. In line with home improvement plans, basement conversion is integral. The benefits of a basement conversion provide more living space and also for saving on future...

The Basement Underpinning Process And Its Cost Benefits

The Basement Underpinning Process And Its Cost Benefits

The basement underpinning process is аn industry tеrm that’s generally used tо dеѕсrіbе rеіnfоrсіng an existing fоundаtіоn. Thіѕ mау be tо ѕhоrе-uр a ѕtruсturе thаt was рооrlу built originally оr has dеgrаdеd over tіmе, is ѕubjесt to ѕubѕіdеnсе оr lаnd-ѕlірраgе, or іѕ...

How Much Value Can A Basement Add To Your Home – Answered

How Much Value Can A Basement Add To Your Home – Answered

One of the biggest investment industries is the real estate industry. In the real estate market, the values of buildings are fundamental to buying and selling them. Residential buildings are the easiest and cheapest real estate investments, and their values are based...

A Guide To The Perfect Basement Layout

A Guide To The Perfect Basement Layout

Designing a floor plan is a piece of cake nowadays. Things however are not the same if that floor is the basement of your house. Unlike other floors in a building, a basement is usually devoid of natural light and ventilation – thanks to its location. Despite this,...

New Build Basement In Marlow – HP1

New Build Basement In Marlow – HP1

The photos show a new build basement in Marlow nearing completion. There are many aspects to constructing a basement and these depend on how the structural engineer has designed the basement. Basement construction and design always have to meet regulation...