New Build Basement

Forming a large part of a property’s foundational integrity, basements are complex undertakings which require precise expert knowledge in order to be conducted safely and successfully.

With years of relevant industry experience, Basement Builder is fully equipped to help you with your new build basement endeavour.

What is New Build Basement

A new build basement construction is when a building, which does not yet exist, is designed to be built with a basement. In other words, it is when an empty piece of land is going to have a new building constructed on it and will include a basement.

With a new build basement, the basement itself becomes an integral part of the foundation of the property, supporting all floors (Including ground floor) above it. It is thus imperative that a structural engineer gets involved at this point to work out the calculations surrounding weight distribution, not just at the completion stage, but bearing future expansion in mind as well.

The foundation is the single most important component of any new build property, even if it is a wooden property.

New Build Basement with Pool Table
Empty ew Build Basement

Benefits of a New Build Basement​

The benefits of having a new build basement built far outweigh the costs of construction. The added space that can be achieved by adding an extra floor or floors (In some areas multi-layer basements sometimes get approval) for the cost of a poured concrete structure and excavation prior to the actual visible bricks and mortar being laid, is awesome. Suddenly the options of play areas, home offices, gyms and more become within reach, not to mention the increase in resale value at the time to sell.

Of course, putting a new build basement together requires specialists and at this point we like to stress:

We are Engineer-led. This means that every Basement Builder project is overseen by a qualified structural engineer from the very first design chats, to the last wipe-down from the clean up team. This offers various benefits not least of which is a reduction in cost.

When the Basement Builder team come together to build your new build basement, you can rest easy in the knowledge that a professional service will be rendered from the first pencil to paper to the last wipe down.

Basement Planning

Width or Height

Some homes come with a basement which is not high or wide enough to fit your needs. When planning a new basement installment, these are important factors to consider. How wide do you want your basement? Do you want to extend it to cover the whole footprint of the building? How tall do you want your ceiling? The flooring of a new basement can be designed as low as you want in order to accommodate any desired height requirements.

Means of Access

The great thing about new build basements is that routes can be made so that your underground space is practically and easily accessible. Being able to design your basement from scratch means that outside stairways and doors can be incorporated as desired to give your new room the same comfort and ease of access as the rest of your living space. Additionally, a terrace area is a further fantastic build to provide a welcoming addition to your cellar conversion.


Basements usually hold a different temperature to the rest of the house given that they are located adjacent to underground soil. From a specialised inspection of your property, an appropriate heating or cooling system can be installed during your retrofit basement construction.

How can we help with Your New Build Basement?

Here at Basement Builder we ensure your basement is constructed through means which allow it to be readily prepared for fitting out to your chosen design. This process entails undertaking the structural design and construction of the area, as well as its waterproofing and underpinning. We work with you to discuss what elements you would like to include in your new basement such as lightwells, windows, an exclusive entrance, stairway, or even a basement terrace area.

We ensure our waterproofing systems are both durable, reliable and fitted by our expertly trained contractors. We pride ourselves on our unrivalled customer care and believe that our services are the best in the game. As experienced industry players, Basement Builder have a vast number of satisfied customers and a successful portfolio of projects which corroborate our renowned reputation.

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