What is Planning Permission?

If you are doing any kind of alteration to your property that affects the exterior of the house planning permission will need to be obtained.

Planning permission has been put in place to stop alterations to a property that may affect its surroundings E.g. your neighbours, the public and the environment.

Basement Planning Permission

The first question that usually comes to mind is “a basement isn’t seen on the exterior so why do I need planning permission?”

The answer to that question is, a basement requires a specific amount of light and also means of access/escape which require alterations to the properties exterior.

Fortunately, there is a high possibility that planning permission will be granted because the alterations do not change the exterior appearance of the property above pavement level

How do I pass Planning Permission?

You will have to ask your local planning permission office what your property requirements will be and then submit your basement plans once they’re completed and wait for a response.

Equally, we can save you some hassle and help you with the process as we have onsite architects that will deal with the planning permission process and design your basement to those specifications.

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