In this article, we will cover the ins and outs of the basement underpinning process. Why it’s necessary for some basement projects and others don’t need it.

What is basement underpinning?

Underpinning is the process of extending your properties foundations to a deeper depth in order to provide additional support to your properties structure.

Why is underpinning needed for a basement renovation?

If you are having a new basement built or having a retrofit basement created below your existing property then underpinning is a required process.
The reason your basement will need to be underpinned is that the original foundation for the house has been created to support your current property size. By adding extra depth the foundation will be at risk of failure and could result in your property being uninhabitable.

How is basement underpinning carried out?

The process has multiple steps, the image below and the steps to follow explain the process.

Firstly the topsoil is excavated and the foundation exposed, temporary works are added to supply support to the structure whilst the underpinning process starts.
The second step is to start excavating from inside your property to form the underpin, once excavated a new base is added.
Once the new base has fully formed a new stem is then formed that connects the original foundation foot to the new base, once the stem has fully formed the rest of the material is excavated
and the new interior drainage is fitted, the new floor is then built above the newly formed foundation and drainage and now have the support your property needs in order to adjust to the new basement.

As easy as the process sounds in this article it is actually the opposite! This process must always be carried out by specialist professionals who have the correct calculations, equipment and insurance for the process to be completed safely and securely.

Here at Basement Builder we have all the tools, specialist structural engineers to provide calculations and the highest level of insurance granted to the process.
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