The photos show a new build basement in Marlow nearing completion. There are many aspects to constructing a basement and these depend on how the structural engineer has designed the basement. Basement construction and design always have to meet regulation standards.

Things that need to be taken into consideration when constructing a new basement are the ground conditions, the proximately of the surrounding buildings, the height of the water table and what is to be built on the basement.

This new build basement in Marlow will have another 4 stories to be constructed on top of it so it is essential that the structural engineer takes these factors into account. Basement construction has become far more mainstream in recent years and most new build properties now have a basement as standard. 

The land the new build basement in Marlow will be constructed on doesn’t connect to any properties, there is no need for a party wall agreement. The need for party wall agreement arises if the property that is being constructed shares a wall with its neighbours, An agreement would need to be signed by both parties in order to protect you and your neighbour if faults occur that damage the shared wall.

The water table on the in the local area is quite low which make the basement construction process a lot easier as specialist materials are not required. The water table is the amount of moisture in the ground.  

It is essential to find a specialist basement builder who has experience in undertaking basement construction and basement waterproofing. These are both essential to a successful basement project.

If you require a structural engineer who specialises in basement design or a quotation to construct your new build basement or basement conversion, contact us and we can discuss your project in more detail together.