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Basements are becoming ever an ever more popular option when it comes to creating more space within your home. There are a few different types of basement conversion/renovation that you should be aware of.

This article will explain the different types of basement conversion/renovation to help you understand which one would apply to your property.

Dig Out Basement

If your property is built directly on foundation, then you will require a dig out. As the name suggests the process involves digging out a new space underneath your property, the foundations of your property has to be extended to further depths through a process called underpinning. Once your property has the required depth and foundation then your basement can start to be formed.

Retrofit Basement

A retrofit basement is where a space under your property is adjusted to shape your basement. If your property sits on a cellar or underground storage then you will require a retrofit basement conversion.

The process is the same as a dig out but makes it easier as the downstairs of your property may still be utilised.

New Build Basements

If you are having a property built from scratch then you can have a basement built in as well. The process would involve excavating the space before the initial building starts, the shell of the basement is then constructed and the house is then constructed on top of the basement shell.

Basements are required to meet some requirements such as waterproofing, lighting and escape exits. If your basement doesn’t provide those features, then you have an issue.

If you have any other questions about the different types of basement conversion we are more than happy to help, we have teams of expert engineers and architects that can help.

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