So what exactly are design contractors and why would I need one as opposed to my local builder who can arrange everything for me? We love local builders, in fact we often work alongside them on construction sites across the nation, where we are different to these local builders, is that everything is done in-house. Architects, Structural Engineers, Surveyors, Legal Advice and even our very own Subject Matter Expert team for radio and TV interviews – all operate from our Head Office.

So we are involved at the very first stages where our architect will do the first sketches, go through planning, get planning permission, engage structural engineer assistance if required and hand hold all the way to the end sign off that the project is completed. One company, with one point of contact for any and all enquiries you may have. And we encourage questions, as experience design contractors, we understand that much of project management is about managing expectations – time scales, deliverables and their definitions, supplier hold ups; these things happen on every building site. We would not be where we are now if it wasn’t for the transparent approach we have in clarifying each situation before it becomes an issue.

As approved design contractors, and professionals in our field, we assign a project liaison officer to each undertaking, ensuring that each client feels listened to and does not become just a number in an ever growing pool of numbers. The officer works tirelessly to remove jargon and ensure our high quality is maintained throughout the project.

Lastly, we are engineer led; this gives us a huge step up over the opposition as we don’t have to wait for an outsourced engineer to assist with structural issues – we can address these in real time as they arise. The overall build does not suffer delays and the quality remains at the top of the pack throughout the build.