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If you’re a fine wine connoisseur or collector, you may have been storing your precious wine incorrectly!

Wine is a living product, the ideal temperature for wine is 13-5°c, and a constant humidity of 70% is required to keep the wine as stable as possible. Wine likes to change slowly and should avoid direct sunlight, noise, and vibrations. If the wine storage doesn’t meet the correct conditions, it can become stale and less vibrant. 

The most common form of storage is wine fridges or coolers; these provide the correct conditions but artificially. The best and most professional way to care for your wine is a cellar; circular underground wine cellars are becoming a necessity for wine collectors and connoisseurs.

Unlike wine coolers and fridges where the temperature is regulated mechanically, and the conditions are artificial a circular underground wine cellar provides the ideal conditions for your precious wine.  

Circular underground wine cellar like the name states reside below ground level, the temperature below ground level stays constant and aren’t affected by temperature changes between seasons.

The ground surrounding the cellar provides fantastic noise insulation and little to no vibrations such as traffic of the motor of the cooler or fridge which contribute to keeping your wine in the perfect conditions. 

The design of the cellar and its construction are carefully carried out with the wines best interest at heart. The storage shelves are designed to rest the bottles horizontally, and the ventilation works by circulating the air from bottom to top which maintains the correct level of humidity.

The installation is a simple process; The a depth of 2.2m or further depending on preference is excavated from the area the circular underground wine cellar is to be constructed. The area is then properly ventilated and damp proofed, the shelving is then built, the stairs are installed, and then the door is added.

If you have any questions about the circular underground wine cellar design or construction process, feel free to contact us as our engineers would be happy to help.

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