So here it is: What does basement membrane do? Well at Basement Builder we don’t only answer the question of what it does, we also have the experience to answer any questions surrounding what that same membrane does on different surfaces. See our sister post on basement membrane anchors to find out the different ways to fix this tried and tested waterproofing method to walls and floors.

Basement membrane is frequently used in both new basements and retrofit or existing basements.

The membrane is basically an impermeable layer of plastic sheet that is used to line the walls and floor of a basement. The plastic sheet has raised bumps at regular intervals to allow the membrane to rest away from the concrete wall surface or the concrete floor surface. So what does basement membrane do, what is it’s purpose?

The bumps in the membrane layer allow water or moisture to flow freely under the plastic into channels and ultimately a sump where it can be safely pumped out of the basement. We at Basement Builder have installed many, many sump and pump systems over the years and all of them required a professional membrane installation to channel moisture away. The membrane installation is fool proof and effectively damp proofs the basement. It is also commonly referred to as damp proof or waterproofing membrane.

There are many suppliers of membranes like these. We are Wykamol Approved Installers, but will install any specified membrane as required by the engineer’s specification.

It is important to use the services of a qualified specialist as membrane installation can be tricky.

What Does Basement Membrane Do?

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