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Basement Lighting

If you’re remodelling a basement, it won’t be surprising that you’re considering how the lighting will stand in your new room. Basements can be hard to work with when planning out their lighting given that often these spaces come with scarce or non-existent natural light. It is essential to get the lighting correct in your new basement given that when it is done correctly the results are stunning, however, if it is given little or no thought, the end result may be beyond disappointing.

Here at Basement Builder, we offer a full in-house lighting and AV design service as we know that lighting a basement correctly will have a major impact on the end result. Our lighting design and AV consultants will meet you at the beginning of the project and discuss your requirements. During the meeting, the designers will go through your plans and discuss the project in detail with you. The lighting design needs to be done before the electrical first fix stage, and after the main construction underpinning is completed and the waterproof membrane system has been installed.

Basement Builder provides an abundance of basement services such as help with your lighting system, and more!

Basement Lighting Services

Types of Basement Lighting

There are two main types of lighting which can be explored when transforming a basement; natural and artificial.

Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is the most important aspect and effective way to brighten up a basement room. Some basements come with already existing small and shallow windows near their ceilings. However, even with these small windows in place, lighting is often still not up to the desired standard of the homeowner. When this is the case, and when basements come void of any windows what-so-ever, natural lighting can be built in via the addition of light wells and/or sunlight tubes and mirror shafts.

Light Wells

Light wells are unroofed external spaces to allow light to reach what would otherwise be a dark area. They usually open up an enclosed space to outside courtyard areas and may be lined with glazed bricks in order to increase the reflection of sunlight within the space in question. Some examples of light wells include the images found below:

Skylight Tubes with Mirrored Shafts

Sun light tubes with mirror shafts are a second way to have natural lighting be part of your new basement design. This lighting method works by having a small skylight placed on the outside of your house and attached to a tube which feeds into the walls of your basement. Through the use of mirrored shafts, this method allows sunlight to be directed and fed from the outside of your property straight into your basement.

Artificial Lighting

Artificial lighting can also lighten up your basement to a significant extent. The wonders of artificial lighting are that you can cater it to suit your precise design requirements such as different styles and moods. Here at Basement Builder, our lighting and AV designers go through proposed plans with each of our clients on a room by room basis and discuss in detail what will attain the most creative and effective result for each project. Our designers discuss different forms of lamps, transformers, drivers and controls, together with the positioning and installation of each fitting. For maximum flexibility, dimmer or scene setting details can be included depending on individual requirements and desires. There are various different forms of artificial lighting options, some of which can be found below.

General Lighting

To provide light generally throughout an entire space, lighting can be applied in the form of overhead fixtures. In smaller spaces, only one source of overhead light may be needed in order to obtain adequate levels of illumination. For large spaces, several sources of evenly distributed lights throughout the room, such as track lights or pendant lamps, may be necessary. For basements with little height, fittings with a slim profile, for example LED panels or recessed lights, can be selected as a means to not have the lighting system encroach on the small vertical space available.
Basement Artifical Lighting

Accent Lighting

Accent Lighting is able to bring depth to your lighting plan and helps create a desired mood. In addition, it can help bring attention to certain elements of the room such as artwork, architectural details or furniture via the use of LED spotlights. In contrast, LED wall wash lighting systems are able to bring a bright yet soft mood to a room.
Basement Accent Lighting
Basement Builder provides an abundance of basement services such as help with your lighting system, and more!

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