Basement Conversion

When Victorian properties undertake a basement conversion, this normally requires the property being underpinned.

Basement conversion underpinning is a common scenario that is normally a requirement to obtain the required additional headroom.
The process to undertake basement conversion underpinning requires a structural engineer to undertake a full survey of the property and then determine the building loads as well as the ground conditions as well as other factors such as nearby trees and buildings.

Once the structural engineer has a clear understanding of the building and the requirement, he will undertake an underpinning scheme based on his findings.
The structural engineer who is undertaking the basement conversion underpinning scheme will produce a design that covers all elements of the project. This will include the depth of the excavation required, the materials required and the concrete strength as well as the reinforcement to be used.

The basement underpinning will be carried out in a strict sequence that will ensure the building suffers the minimum of stress and movement whilst the works are being undertaken.

The structural engineer will also design a temporary works scheme to ensure the project is carried out in a safe manner. The build will be registered with the local building control department or an approved inspector. They will do a series of checks while the basement underpinning is being carried out and will ensure it is being carried out to the structural engineer’s design.

Basement conversions are a great way to increase space beneath your existing home and have been a popular means of achieving this for many walls. By underpinning the existing cellar or basement this will improve and strengthen the existing foundations of the property.

At Basement Builder we can carry out your basement conversion including the basement conversion underpinning and the basement underpinning design by our own structural engineers. Please contact us to discuss your basement conversion project today

If you have any questions about the conversion or construction process, feel free to contact us as our engineers would be happy to help.

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